Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Community Forum

Welcome to the Lancaster County, PA Community Forum! Here you can share EVERYTHING Lancaster... As well as pretty much anything else you'd like to talk about. Interact with, and meet new people in your community, in a friendly environment. Enjoy, and please share this page with friends and family who live in Lancaster, so that together we can build our online community. Thank you :),_Pennsylvania


This will not be like any other group where you're not able to express your opinions... We're all adults here, and I'm sure together as a community we will respect one another. This is our community, YOUR community. So let's not treat it like a battle field. Sure we can debate, and opinions can be expressed freely, the way they should be. But we can do it in a respectful manner the way we would want for ourselves. Enjoy your community, and meet new people!

Please feel free to add people you know who live in Lancaster. All you do is click on the Lancaster postcard picture at the top of the page, and then click on "ADD MEMBER."

Please feel free to shoot over any suggestions. Thank you -John