Punters Paradise

Hey guys,
I will not be making posts or bets with Ezi betting an...ymore.

I have spoken with a fair few people who said they wanted me to look into making my own page since I was doing most the work on the sports side.

This will be the page, it is still under construction. We are basically adding members who have asked / expressed interest.

The price will be the same as Ezi but with 1 exception. You all know I can get you free money smile emoticon
We can work out a couple of ways for payments to be made to make things easier but ideally just a bank transfer is simplest.
We are looking to have bets pumping within 2-3 days. Just adding members and can discuss payments 1 by 1 and move forward from there.
The whole point of this page is to be STRESS FREE have some fun and while hopefully winning some cash.

We want quality banter and no shit talk if bets lose! Aside from that really no rules just HAVE FUN!! See More