Moody Alabama Online Neighborhood Watch

The purpose of Moody Alabama Online Neighborhood Watch is to ask fellow neighbors to be alert, observant, and caring – and to REPORT suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the POLICE and other appropriate authorities. This watch group is NOT meant to be vigilantes and SHOULD NOT assume the role of the police. The administrators of this group are NOT responsible for the actions members chose to take into their own hands and are NOT to be held responsible for roles assumed by others.

Neighborhood watch tips: What to Watch for

• Suspicious persons or activities
• Someone screaming or shouting for help
• Anyone being forced into a vehicle
• Property being taken out of houses or buildings where no one is home, or the business is closed
• A stranger running through private yards or alleyways
• Vehicles passing by numerous times, suspiciously parked or traveling in alleyways with no lights or apparent destination
• Vandalism of property and items on property

Protect yourself by

• Use good lighting
• Use good lock security
• Keep shrubs trimmed so that your view is not obstructed
• Locking all doors and windows whenever your house is unoccupied
• Letting a trusted neighbor know when you are on vacation. Don’t advertise it on Facebook or other social networks! Thieves live off that sort of information! It’s like a big shining star is over your house saying “Pick me pick me!” Stop delivers and have all mail picked up or held at your local post office.

Other Pearls of wisdom:

Being politically correct in the sake of not hurting someone’s feelings is tiring. Let us all remember the Golden Rule. Lastly opinions are like… Well you fill in the rest.