MIKE BRENNAN for SA President!

Hey! How's it going guys?

So I hope everyone is super excited about voting this Tuesday, November 16th from 7AM to 8PM on evote.plattsburgh.edu for your new Student Association candidates.

I'm honored to be able to run for SA President and if I get elected I would be truly humbled.

I'm a Sophomore majoring in psychology and I will actually be graduating early. I have two more semesters to continue to make my mark on SUNY Plattsburgh. I do hope to return as a PhD Psychology professor though ;)

*So what will I do if I'm elected?*

I think I would be able to do an amazing job as President and I would put as much time as I can into it. I know I'll be in the SA office every chance I get. If I get elected I'm excited to have awesome executive council meetings. I'm going to bring my exciting, motivating and fun personality into the student association motivating our student representatives as well as exciting the students and the community.

Another thing I would like to do is make the Student Association more transparent. I think currently in the 48th legislation we've done a great job of increasing that transparency and I want to keep working on that.

*How would I make the SA more transparent?*

That's a very good question. Well, President Peppers has made an amazing stride toward achieving this goal by putting into legislation the "State of the Student Association Address". I feel like this is a very important step because it gives us a venue to tell students what we are doing in the SA and what we want to do in the SA and it's a great place to ask questions. I would work off of what President Peppers has started and make the event even greater. Another thing I would do is hold forums where we have food and pizza, tell students about all the great leadership opportunities we offer, what activities we have going on, and then lastly, ask them what they want from the Student Association.

*So what else do you want to do as President?*

Another very good question. I want to create a "Presidential Cabinet" which, should the new SA Constitution pass will be the only position without their own board. I would take students at large and have them involved in this new board. I would come to them with ideas every time we meet and see what ideas they have. The President has to think about a lot of things at once, so the board would be able to help put the President's agenda into action, as well as help the President to organize and prioritize their ideas. I think this will be a very productive and fun board. I mean it would be just like the U.S. The President's cabinet is very highly regarded and some of the U.S's top officials sit in on that board. I would have it work much the same way, except students would be a part of this board.

*What else do you want to do?*

Motivate the Student Association! Tell them that they do an amazing job and help them when their down. Reassure them that they do an amazing job for this campus and it's not everywhere you can get such dedicated volunteers.

Fun fact: I believe we are the only SUNY campus that does not PAY their student representatives. We are lucky to have such dedicated individuals. I think the student President at one college makes $12000 for a legislation. I would not want to be paid for this position, also I believe since it is the student's money that goes into our organization, it would not really be appropriate if we paid our representatives, instead it would be better to hold more events and more programs that students can get involved with.

*Why are you qualified to be our SA President?*

Good question, and it's probably the last one, if you have any questions about what I would do for SUNY Plattsburgh definitely get in touch with me =]

I think I'm very qualified for this position. I was President of my Junior and Senior class in high school. I gave a prom speech to 2000 people. I coordinated the prom, as well as our Senior Trip, Senior Cruise, Senior Ball, and Senior Week. We did so much and I was so proud of us. I was in National Honors society, honors classes, and took AP classes and came into college with 19 credits.

Here at SUNY Plattsburgh I was elected as President of Whiteface Hall which I did a great job with last year and learned a lot from. It was an amazing experience which I would never take away. I'm currently the President of Macdonough Hall, I'm the Scholarship Chair in Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, I'm on the Honors Council for the Honors Center, which I'm also enrolled in, I'm currently an SA Senator, a Teaching Assistant for Psychology 105 Lab, and I'm a research assistant in Social Psychology. I served as the President of Residence Hall Association as a Freshman, which is the meeting of all of the Hall Council Presidents, and this year I encouraged the election of my good friend Graeme to take my place, and I now serve as the VP for RHA. So I'm very busy on campus. Should I get SA President, I am already arranging my schedule so that I will have as much time as possible for the Student Association. A lot of the things I'm involved with meet biweekly or every once and awhile so that will serve to my advantage, also, I'm going to be taking fewer credits, and I have finished my term of Scholarship Chair in my fraternity, so a lot of time will be opened up. Where the time for SA Senator was, the SA President will be plus A LOT more time. I want to give everything I have to this organization before I graduate in one year's time.

Thank you so much for reading my platform, I hope to have your vote on Tuesday. I hope I have been an exciting and enriching individual in your life and that you have truly seen who I am as a person and know what I can do, should I get SA President. Thank you so much again. I'm honored to be running, and I'm honored to be a student of SUNY Plattsburgh. To be SA President, would be probably one of the most honorable and awesome things I do in my life.

~Mike Brennan, Candidate for SA President