SINCE BUHARI AND EL RUFAI CAN NO LONGER OPENLY FIGHT AGAINST THE NIGERIAN ARMY, THEY GET THEIR ASSIGNS TO SUE GOODLUCK THAT HE IS KILLING BOKO HARAM Many people just open their mouth to say "Goodluck is not doing enough against Boko Haram". Can you guys see all the minefields he has to navigate gingerly, else the fight against Boko Haram escalates into a civil war? The man lummoxes call clueless, if he was not tactical, El Rufai, Buhari Junaid, Northern Elders Forum etc would have turned this to a civil war. Buhari had told the people "an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North". Thus for long periods, the denizens of the north saw all military men in the region as aggresors. By that statement by their "SAI BUHARI", the common man helped Boko Haram kill Nigerian soldiers. Goodluck had to remove Ihejirika and put in their son Dasuki. He ensured all security agencies had heads that are Hausa Fulani Muslim, from the army to NSA to police thru customs and immigration. He had to continuously parley with the Sultan and many of the elites. Today, they know "an attack on Boko Haram IS NOT an attack on the North" as the people have formed JTFs and they are helping to fight Boko Haram. Goodluck's satying of the sword, allowed them see that Islamism has nothing to offer any region. They saw what Egypt saw in months of being led by ISLAMIC MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD that religion, especially one warped and read in its extreme does not put food on the table. They saw that religion...THE MAJOR ONES can be interpreted so wrongly that there is little value for human life. SO NOW THEY RESIST BOKO HARAM AND THEY JOIN THE ARMY TO FIGHT THEM. Goodluck Jonathan has been able to INTELLIGENTLY maneuver around the political and arm blockade imposed by the US as encouraged by El Rufai, Buhari and co. China and Russia and Parkistan and even Israel (though they hide the role of Israel in this fight because of the USUALLY anti-semitic muslim population) have been supporting this fight with military hardware and expertise. BOKO HARAM IS GOING DOWN. The tears of Nigerians help fuel every bullet that rains down on them from the choppers and the tanks. NIGERIA IS CRUSHING EVIL. And in response, BUHARI, EL RUFAI, NORTHERN ELDERS FORUM etc etc have gone to world court to say that GOODLUCK JONATHAN who had tried to negotiate, beg, appeal etc etc with Boko Haram is committing genocide against the North. They think we do not see the videos of the people welcoming the army like the saviours they are. They continue to tell the world and their people the most stupid thing in the world GOODLUCK JONATHAN THAT IS KILLING BOKO HARAM IS THE SPONSOR OF BOKO HARAM, WHILE WE WHO DEFEND BOKO HARAM AND CRITICIZE EVERY ATTACK AND TRY TO BLOCK IT ARE AGAINST BOKO HARAM. That is the useless twisted uncoordinated senseless narrative many in the North have...THAT GOODLUCK JONATHAN SPONSORS BOKO HARAM. Meanwhile, they who do not "sponsor Boko Haram", rush to block "the sponsor Goodluck Jonathan" from killing his own boys. (according to them) So as the El Rufai and Buharis try to block the fight against Boko Haram by taking Goodluck Jonathan to court, we ask Nigerians to stand with their president and let us end this malaise once and for all. Let us reject these liars who block the killing of Boko Haram and yet tell us to "change" Goodluck Jonathan for not killing Boko Haram. Let them know you know that it is they who delayed this onslaught. Tell them you know that they refused to aid the negotiation process and downright refused when Buhari was asked to be an intermediary. Tel them you are aware of how El Rufai turned Fulanis against the army and continues to criticize and demoralise them. Tell them you see that they get Boko Haram videos that no one gets and will not reveal their sources. Tel them you see them celebrate when young boys...Nigerian soldiers are murdered. Tell them that not once have they encouraged our military boys who today lay down their lives for us. TELL THEM BY VOTING GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN. And when Goodluck Jonathan defends self, if ever, at the world courts, we know that all he did HE HAD/HAS OUR MANDATE Vote Jonathan /Sambo