Kaaath ♥ (Kathleen A.)

Kathleen J.Q Ayuban is the name. Im Crazy but im REAL. For me, opinions are just words. I can tell you with my SMILE in my face. I dont give a fvck to anyone who'll waste their time making ECHETERA to me. My middle finger can appoint you.

Its hard to explain myself using this and those. I just love evrything that exist in this world. Chocolates Perfumes Clothes Techies Daydream Accesories, FRIENDS GOD & FAMILY. are all my weaknesses.

Im pretty but not beautiful, i sin but not an evil, im Good but not a saint. God holds my life&heart. Im a good girl who fightswith my dignity. I come here to enjoy my pretty-normal-leading life.

Even SKY isn't a limit. Just deal with it. ;) hate me for what am i, but dont love the fake i.♥

Vivre A En Crever & Sourire Toujours ;)