Jeni's Recipes: Some tried and rated -- Some new

Hi Everyone :) This is a nice little disorganized place to store all those fun and yummy looking recipes we get on our timelines for future reference. By sharing them here we can not only find them easier but also not clog our timelines and feeds up LOL. So welcome to our new little club and I hope I won't be the only one posting and drinking wine while surfing it ;)

Group Rules:
1. Anyone can join, post, rate, or comment on recipes.
2. When posting a recipe please enter the type and title of the recipe IN THE COMMENTS This way it becomes searchable within the group. For example, Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies.
3. Please be respectful and polite.
4. Feel free to add comments rating or tweaking the recipes so everyone else can benefit from the knowledge you have from trying them.