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Welcome to New England Images

A place to share your work, discuss photography and exchange ideas. All formats HDR, macro etc.

Please post no more than 3 photos of New England subjects per day. Only add images one at a time. Adding 2 or 3 creates an album.
Remember only direct posting to the page

We all love our vacation photos from parts of the world outside of New England, so Friday is open to all photos.

Wednesday known as “happy hump day”. Try to post pictures that will put a smile on someone’s face anywhere, anything.

Humor is as important as posting your best work. Fun is welcome here!

Market Place & Photo Ops events are in addition to NEI. NOT real events. Events let us have a place to talk about things not on the main page. Pay no attention to the time or dates.

Administrators include: 1. Creator: Jack Bradley. Assistant Administrators: Franca Cirelli, Anne Carpenter, Becky Thornton & Don Rotteck.