TMLP - Team Texas

The Team, Management, and Leadership Program.

Generate, elicit, and manage successful teamwork.

The Landmark Team, Management, and Leadership Program is a rigorous, year-long advanced training program for graduates of the Landmark Advanced Communication Program. This program is designed to bring a new level of power to your management and leadership of projects and teams. It enables you to work with others in a way that their leadership abilities are significantly expanded.

By developing and training others, coordinating and orchestrating projects, and rising to new challenges, participants learn to generate and maintain high-level performance and call forth powerful, effective action from others.

Program Logistics
Participants in the Landmark Team, Management, and Leadership Program work as a team with others from their city, generating and producing local Communication Courses.

The program consists of five weekend sessions held at three-month intervals. These weekends combine the practical challenge of leading a group (including public speaking, enrollment, and presentation) with an opportunity to master the principles of powerful communication and to present them effectively to others.

In addition to the five weekend sessions, the program includes monthly classroom sessions, local team meetings, and continuing practice in communication and enrollment through fulfilling projects.