Blue Oval Gang Kentucky Chapter

FAMILY ORIENTATED GROUP !!!!! Welcome to the BLUE OVAL GANG Arizona Chapter a FORD Corporation licensed, recognized and trade marked FB page dedicated to support Ford Lincoln Mercury cars from around the world past present and future. We support our Members cars here, there is no bashing allowed if you can't say something nice and positive please don't say anything at all. First and foremost this is a Family orientated Room we have ages 5-90 as members here please act accordingly with your postings, No Hoochies, No F-Bombs No Drama No Bashing and without a Doubt no Racial jokes, Sexual preferences, Slurs or innuendos. we have 24 Admins that monitor the page, for any of the stated above or when a Spammer sneaks in and posts shoes or sunglasses. we do not like to have to delete posts or ban people but we will for the good of the page and the Gang as a whole. there are numerous Blue Oval Gang Pages and Chapters please feel free to join them they are listed in the Main BOG page in the pinned post. The State Chapters are just getting started but soon to have real live events. Once again welcome to the BOG, this is your Ford Lincoln Mercury Page BOG is three years old and still growing, you get out of it what you put into it. Head Administrator Alex Kleinhenz Founder Rick Appleton.