For all those who are starting a University in LONDON in 2011!

This is the official halls group for finding out who is going to be in your halls for September 2011!

Chat, make friends, find out who your neighbours will be!


How much to take?
Only take as much stuff as will fit in your car! Here is a basic guide to your needs:

The Basics:

o 1 or 2 pillows
o Quilt
o 2 sets of bed covers

o Lots of them
o Lots of socks is essential, as they go missing!
o DJ/tuxedo/posh frock and posh shoes for formal dinners
o Party/Clubbing wear
o Sports Equipment (football boots / hockey stick etc)
o School Uniform and every other bit of quirky ‘Dress up’ attire.

Wash Stuff
o Toothbrush and toothpaste
o Soap/showergel / shampoo / conditioner

Kitchen Stuff
o 1 colander for pasta draining ( ESSENTIAL!)
o Many sets of cheap cutlery, as they go missing very easily.
o 2 dinner plates and 2 bowls
o 2 mugs
o 2 pint glasses
o 2 saucepans - 1 large and 1 medium/small
o 1 frying pan - preferably non stick
o 1 big oven tray - good for lots of chips
o 1 wooden spoon for stirring
o 1 chopping board
o 1 sharp knife
o Washing up liquid and sponges


1) Laptop
If you're going to get a laptop, you don't have to buy the best one there is. You can then take the laptop into college and to the library should you need to. Apple do give a pretty decent student discount on Mac’s – if you ever wanted to treat yourself!

2) Speakers
Plug these into your Laptop and leave your HiFi at home

3) Student contents/possessions Insurance

The rest of what you take is optional, but here's a list of things you will probably need.

o Alarm clock
o Watch
o Radio
o Desk lamp. Get those cheap ones from a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer that cost about £5.
o Washing powder
o Laundry bag
o Sleeping bag if you've got one.
o Towels
o First Aid Kit - plasters, aspirin, antiseptic cream, cotton wool
o Tin Foil - use it to cover grill pans before putting chips etc on. This way the foil catches all the oil, and you don't have to wash the pan up!
o Umbrella
o Camera – You will want to record your student experience, not to mention torment your mates with the footage years to come
o Clothes Hangers

LAST but NOT least….

o Meet my friend Johnny. There’s no excuse. No matter who you are, and who you’re having sex with, protection should always be the third-party in your bedroom.


* EVERYTHING! Make sure you get your tickets EARLY for events as they will sell out fast in Fresher’s week, maybe have a look online and see what is on. Most of the fresher’s events will be posted on this group, so make sure you get your tickets ASAP. It is also worth signing up to to get your online tickets and jump those long queues to events.

* Talk to everyone; you are all in the same boat. Small talk is painful, and although you may not even care what A-levels your new room mate took, it will make settling in so much easier.

* Try and remember names (even if no-one can remember yours). After this week you may not see half the people you met again, but it’s nice to remember names and they could be useful in the future.

* Remember to ring your parents. However, always remember that calls home at 4am are not actually all that welcome!

* Enjoy yourself! Make Fresher’s Week one to remember. Take plenty of photos that you can use to embarrass your mates in years to come, as well as to show your mates back home. Try and stay sober for some of it too so you don’t have to rely on the same mates to tell you that you did have the time of your life during Fresher’s.


* Spend the whole week talking about your mates back home. Everyone gets homesick, but it is important to look forward not hang onto the past.
* Earn yourself a reputation. Remember, you have the whole year to develop a decent and fitting nickname.
* Upset your new neighbours, they’re with you for the entire year!
* Blow your entire student loan. You will soon learn to love the charms of bargain shopping. So save the pennies while you can, and make the goodies left behind by mum and dad last at least until the second week…
*Forget where you live! Especially before you go out for your first night on the town.


Finance: It is tough living on a tight budget. If you have free time available on top of studying and extra curriculum activities then getting some part-time work, whether it is a couple of nights behind a bar or, even better, a job promoting student nights, will make life a little easier. This way you’ll get to go out with your mates for free while earning some £££. Not to mention, it will make a great addition to your currently bleak-looking CV. Either go to your Freshers Week 2011 fanpage or apply send any of the admins of this group a message.

Good luck!