English Springer Spaniels UK

This is a group for everyone who is passionate about their English Springers. It's a group to share information and discussions, a group for all of us to share photos and videos of our dogs. Its fun and informative... :o)

Please be warned as a result of past experiences within this group, I would ask that you only repost/share Doglost and the Official ESS Rescue sites to ensure no fraudulent activities occur. Any advertising of dogs through Gumtree/Epups and various other advertising groups/sites will be deleted, to protect members of this group and of course, the dogs! Furthermore, I'd like to add, that any pseudo names or false names will be rigorously checked and if found, they will be removed from this group.

This is a group for legitimate dog owners, not fraud, deception or scams unfortunately we have had to put these measures in place, to protect our members, dogs and in fact the group itself.

Please do not add private breeders details. Any adverts which do not adhere to these rules will immediately be deleted as will the person who posted them.