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We at Media Institute of Technologies are offering various Professional Courses to the students. The Institute has to its credit the distinction of having trained thousands of students in assorted Multimedia training sector since it's inception. As excellence is embedded in the very core of MIT's principles, it provides quality Multimedia education at an affordable fee to all it's students. Right from the day one. MIT has been successfully managed by talented pool of experts in the field of IT & Business Management. Over the years it has continued to attract qualified and experienced Professionals in to its fold. Also technical know-how from the IT sector has constantly flowed in the form of guest / visiting faculties.

We have reached out to a larger section of the society with our ultra low fee structure and unique teaching methodology. Here students are charged only a nominal amount towards the lab maintenance. Moreover in this high-tech era, when education has become quite expensive, MIT has kept people's needs in mind in making the education available at a very nominal price.
MIT Certified Multimedia & Animation Professional
Multimedia is media and content that use a combination of different content forms. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms. Creative Multimedia is the vehicle in which emerging technologies drive home the concept of multimedia communications in business. art and design, entertainment and education.

Mit certified multimedia and animation professional programme that provides the students with an all rounded knowledge on the four major components of Creative Multimedia; 2D Animation and Imaging, 3D Modeling & Animation, Video and Motion- Graphics, and Interactive Web Design. This is a highly versatile, multi-disciplinary program that provides the students with a comprehensive education in the principles and practices of multimedia design, production, management and evaluation.
Multimedia and the Future
Multimedia has become a huge force in industry and education. Practically any type of information we receive can be categorized as multimedia, from television, to magazines, to web pages, to movies, multimedia is a tremendous force in both informing and entertaining us. Advertising is perhaps one of the biggest industry's that use multimedia to send their message to the masses. Where one type of media, let's say radio or text can be a great way to promote an item, using multimedia techniques can significantly make an item being advertised better received by the masses and in many cases with greater results.