Street Jammz Fest Brought to you by Dream Gates Productions

Street Jammz is an urban cultural event that celebrates the existence of hip hop and carry the torch further for the future generations to see how hip hop positively influenced communities in the present days. It comprises of a street tournament which is divided into three categories namely Final Stand (rap battles), Battle of the dj's, hip hop dance(breakdancing included) and a music festival.

Scheduled to take place approximately from 25th December 2010 to 31 December 2010 in Mafikeng, a city that many can agree with me that has contibuted so much and deserve to be called SA's rap capital. The host city with a vibrant and happy environment complemented by friendly welcoming citizens. Although it is so small in structure, it has an amazing atmosphere of any big city anywhere in the world.

Mafikeng is most famous for being the birthplace of the stars like hip hop entertainers like Hip Hop Pantsula, Morafe, mo'molemi, Bafixile, Stoan and the songbird KB Motsilenyane. It is overpopulated by different types of rappers like your wannabe rapper to your hardcore hustler.

The city has a full equiped television and radio studio,with the two radio stations operating from the premises.

The festival will add flavour to local tourism by teaching tourists our unique way of celebrating life in the city. You have never experienced music like we, the Maftonians. A lifelong legacy that is passed on to future generations.


The festival's estimated attendance is over 20 000. It is a holiday festival that incorporates the mood of the festive season into its attractions. its a type of event that will get everyone into a celebratory mood. The event will provide entertainment for veryone, young and old, around the clock. The festival also promotes responsible drinking.

We feel, as Dream Gates Productions, to make a positive impact in the lives of many communities around South Africa and use this urban culture to help with artist progression, positive life altering entertainment.

We have everything on paper but no funds to see to it that this projected will take lace. If you would like to help with anything you are welcome. send me a message.