Bush Tales & Other Bullshit

Bush Tales & Other Bullshit is an open forum site. Every member is welcome to share stories, poems, jokes, inspirational quotes, photos, current events, news, topics of interest..etc. In other words, whatever you want EXCEPT for advertisements.

Absolutely no ads allowed! Anyone who post ads, freebies, giveaways, business promotions etc. will be immediately banned, you have been warned now so no further warning will be given! The only exception is for Jobs Wanted and Positions Vacant in the Australian Agricultural Business.

Everyone on this site is welcome to their opinion BUT not welcome to be abusive about it. if you disagree with something either scroll past, simply state that you disagree or call the attention of admin by typing ADMIN into the comments. No name calling, abusive or threatening language allowed. ABSOLUTLY no whinging or whining allowed.

SWEARING will be tolerated to a degree. The word FUCK is ok but not the four letter words starting with C or S. Use of either word in either posts or comments will lead to being banned.

Overly graphic sexual jokes or post will not be tolerated.

I am hoping that this is a site that everyone can enjoy and get a laugh from. Please invite all of your friends to join too.