www.jw.org our website so unique.

Our Official Web Site—Designed to Benefit Us and Others
Jesus commissioned us to preach the good news of the Kingdom “in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations.” (Matt. 24:14) In order to help us ‘fully accomplish our ministry,’ watchtower.org, jw-media.org, and jw.org have been combined into the redesigned jw.org Web site.—2 Tim. 4:5.
“All the Inhabited Earth”: About one third of the earth’s population uses the Internet. It has become the primary source of information for many, especially young people. Our site gives Internet users truthful answers to Bible questions. It introduces them to Jehovah’s organization and makes it easy for them to request a free home Bible study. It enables the good news to penetrate areas of the earth where people have few opportunities to hear the Kingdom message.
“All the Nations”: In order to give a witness to “all the nations,” we must present Bible truth in different languages. Visitors to jw.org can easily find information in about 400 languages, more than any other Web site.
Make Good Use of It: The redesigned jw.org Web site is not just for the purpose of witnessing to unbelievers. It has been designed for use by Jehovah’s Witnesses too. If you have access to the Internet, we encourage you to get acquainted with jw.org. The following are some suggestions on how to use it.