Xbox One Philippines - Marketplace

Welcome to the Xbox One Marketplace - our dedicated subgroup for buying, selling, and/or trading your Microsoft Xbox related items.


1. How was your latest transaction? Please provide feedback if it was successful or not to help fellow members determine trusted sellers/buyers.
- Feedback form:
- Feedback tracker:
- Feedback thread:

2. For concerns not related to buying,selling or trading pls post them at the MAIN Xbox One Group

3. Strictly no selling of pirated hardware or software.

4. Provide necessary information about your item such as:
- Price
- Condition
- Contact details
- Preferred meetup location
- Reason for selling
- Photo (Optional)

5. You can ONLY BUMP ads EVERY 6 HOURS. If nobody contacts you, no one's probably interested in your item or it doesn't have a reasonable price.

6. Kindly edit your post once an item has been SOLD or RESERVED. Without this info, people will assume your item is still available and may cause unnecessary inquiries. At the same time, do not comment further on posts marked as sold or reserved.

7. Respect each others' posts. If you find an item too expensive or unreasonable, just ignore it.

8. No haggling on wall posts. If you really must, do it via PM.

9. Do NOT scam. If proven, you will be permanently kicked outside the group.

Admins can delete non-compliant posts and issue warnings. These warnings are meant to inform, not to ridicule.

The group administration reserves the right to suspend certain members either temporarily or permanently, without stating the reasons and with no prior warning.

Xbox One Philippines is not liable for any transactions made within this subgroup. It is the member's sole responsibility to exercise proper judgment when choosing who to deal with.

Additional rules to be added as needed without prior notice.

For any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact any of the admins.