Hinesville Stockpile Clearance Sales

hello an welcome. Got to much of something maybe your kids didn't like it or hubby wasn't to happy with it well here's a great place to sell it. Maybe your on the other end of it looking to buy at a really good price you have come to the right place


*no talk of coupons or couponin this page is in no way shape or form associated with couponin coupons or insert of any sort for coupons classes insert ect please find a coupon page!!
*if you cant pick that item up dont say you want it
*please don't post on anyone else's post That's selling trying to sell your own items
*please do not post on anyone's else post trying to buy a item that they posted for or comment on there post trying to get what they were asking for
*please no bashing anyone about there prices
*NO low blowing making offers or trying to get for cheaper the price u see is the price u get aslo keep in mind the price your paying on this site is already getting 50-75% off
*no arguing being rude or disrespectful
*if you don't like a price just don't comment
*if you make a deal an arrange pickup go threw with it if not you will be kicked from the group(this goes both ways) if your selling a item an arraign pickup an pull no shows u will be kicked as well
* please no overpriced prices this is a stockpile sale page the people come to this page to get a deal
*absolutely no open used expired stockpile items can be sold here
*desk deep freezers computer an items of this nature can not be sold here take it to a sales page STRICTLY AND ONLY STOCKPILE ITEMS such as shampoo conditioner soap ect
*no advertising in this group