New cutting edge site, need feedback!

I am helping to promote a startup company called MyWeboo and really would appreciate all of your helpful comments. Please signup at this new website (which is currently in Beta) and poke around. There is still room for site improvement and we are looking for new MyWeboo users' comments, concerns, and questions about your experience. 1. PLEASE go to & make an account.
There are a ton of applications to add to your account, so please explore and send me some feedback by either posting to this page or by emailing me with the subject line:MyWeboo Please include any feedback that is on your mind. (i.e. what confused you, what you liked about MyWeboo, what you did not like, any questions you have, comments on the application selection, and any suggestions. The more input I get the faster we can take this website to the next level. About MyWeboo: The website aims to change the way people manage overwhelming digital assets scattered on different web sites and help users collaborate with others. The site officially launched in June 2010. Thanks everyone smile emoticon [email protected]