The idea of creating this group came up because of the necessity of learning english of some of my fb friends, who many times asked me useful tips, links or advices The aim of this new group is to provide everyone with very useful tools, in order to make it easier and to encourage people not to give up studying english language.


1)Speak only ENGLISH
2)DO NOT write or share or post profanity (for example., lewd pictures, pornographic materials or obscene material in any format) as images, captions or videos NOTE:
Please be aware that Admins reserve the right to remove suchobjectionable materials without forewarning
3)DO NOT advertise or link to advertisements
4)DO NOT judge people for their opinions, please be courteous and respectful.
5)DO NOT post religious or political material (for example., war as a political, social, and military) as this may affect the sentiments of other members. However any political material pertaining to the
development of ENGLISH as a second language maybe voiced in the open forum.
6)DO NOT ask people, "ADD ME, ADD ME," with fake accounts.
7)PLEASE REPORT to the admin, if you are aware or come across, any behavior that is offensive or breaks these rules. We may not be able to. respond immediately, however we will get back to you at the earliest time possible.
8)Please note that your suggestions and opinions are important for us to improve the quality of our website. Any input is greatly appreciated and we welcome you and wish you a great journey towards learning English.

Thank you and Kind Regards,