Computer Forensics and Systems Security Resources

This programme is suitable for both the newcomer to computer security and computer forensics and the practitioner who wishes to further their skills. It covers relevant skills, software and hardware technologies as well as more theoretical studies that underpin everyd...ay practice. It will ensure that students have a basic understanding of the legal, regulatory requirements, and international standards requirements, pertaining to computer security in different nations. Students will gain knowledge of computer crime, police and forensic methods, and the legal requirements for collecting evidence. Students will be able to administer and configure business critical distributed applications. They will also gain an understanding of the threats to the networks and servers of businesses. There will be hands-on training in current Forensic tools, as used by the police, e.g. EnCase, FTK, WinHex, etc. Graduates will therefore be able to contribute quickly to the well-being of corporate IT and informational assets.