Support Reciprocity and Uniform Application of the Second Amendment

The goal of "Support - Uniform Application of the 2nd Amendment" is to achieve nationwide and uniform application of the individual's Right to own and carry arms under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. The Right to be armed against threats by those who ignore the rule of society and law requires our country return to the national uniformity that the original drafters intended. This necessity is even more relevant today than in the past due to our highly mobile society.

Today citizens are faced with myriad Federal, State, and Local regulations that directly conflict with the 2nd Amendment and even with each other thereby making compliance an ever shifting and virtually impossible maze for citizens. Ironically this maze is never even a consideration for those who have already chosen to live beyond the rule of society and law. Undoing 70 years of infringement is not going to happen instantly. We feel the first achievable step is to exercise our democratic control of the Federal Government to assure that citizens have reciprocity and uniformity under a "shall issue" License to Carry standard. Eventually the group will be working toward the 2nd Amendment model used in Alaska and Vermont. Ultimately, our goal is to continue working until US citizens' full rights under the 2nd Amendment are restored.

Please become an active member of this group. Please invite your friends to join and participate. Real change will only come if we all take the responsibility and time to educate and learn from each other. Additionally, as a group and individually, we must all take action by writing, calling, and working to elect representatives who get it! Apathetic, ignorant, and passive people are ruled – democracy requires We the People become engaged, informed, and active!

Punish the Criminal, Punish the Crime, and Recognize the Right of the Lawful Citizens to Protect Ourselves without any Infringement!