Global Village English. Worldwide Conversation Club.

This is a place to make English conversation and to make friends.
However the aim of the group is that you improve your English while chatting- and so slang and lazy English is not in any way encouraged. So that means please type your words in full. So don't say "coz" it's "because"- or "u" it is YOU.... Administrators will correct you as you go along so that you can learn from your mistakes while chatting.
Be polite, courteous, no swearwords, and respect everybody. Above all- please have fun. :)
We do not accept advertisements whatsoever. If you do, there is a good chance you will be banned. The post will not be approved anyway.

Also, we do not accept people whose profile is in non-English characters (Thai, Arabic, etc.). One name should be in English, so we know what to call you.
Thank you for understanding this.

Please follow our rules of posting when writing a post. It will otherwise not be approved.

Otherwise we accept anyone who wants to converse in English.

Kind regards
Admin. :)