Elanora State High School 2008

I will miss high school.

I will miss iconic characters like:

Tim Gear in a suit

Mr Sirach, crying, yelling or "teaching"

Tom Smith tuning younger grades

Todd Morris tuning younger grades, or tuning Nikki Langley just to get closer to her younger sister

Jake Deguara and his all-round championness and school captain speeches that make the whole thing look like a joke (sorry tim)

Ms Wharton's evil reign of terror and the belief she probably has the sexual power to kill a small horse.

Ms Dickinson's poor fashion choices.

Mr Dawes just being cool

Justin McKay filming !EVERYTHING!

I will miss hearing about people wanting to bash Charlie Harwood for doing something to their girlfriend

I will miss making YouTube videos in class.

I will miss the groups of boys that become fascinated with string and fill their lunch times accordingly.

I will miss the prevos escaping and annoying the shit out of Ms Townsend's Maths B class

I will miss getting smashed in year 8 when playing league against the year 12s. And then doing the opposite when we reach year 12.

I will miss pushing in the tuck shop line.

I'll miss the morning lady who makes good hot chocolate.

I'll miss Ms Whaytt being that crazy as feminist

Ms Hamiltons gossip

I will miss Jay Robinson claiming he was the first to straighten his hair

I will miss Ms Thompson and her undeniable crazyness, because after all it is alll bullshit.

I'll miss judging younger grades as they walk by me by the amount of makeup and the lenght of skirt.

Mr Collins's sports day jumpsuit and his unparaelled evil when it comes to setting a maths B test.

The random wanderers who never appear to be in class.

I'll miss the boys who are hilariously over confident

and the girls who provoke gossip

I'll miss Mr Chandler, because the bulletin is rubbish and pens are carsonegenic.

I'll miss lab rat and the speculations about her and Mr Chandlers social life.

I'll miss Mr McCulloch being one of those people who never appears to be in class, and throws calculators at students when he is in class.

I'll miss the band boys randomly breaking into song

I'll miss half the school walking around looking for a fight.
Or pretending to do so to make Dawsey come running.

I'll miss the arguments about religion and all its flaws

I'll miss Gibbo making paper balls and enraging teachers and his ever changing haircuts.

I'll miss the crazy ferocity the library ladies seemed to have.

I'll miss Chang the perpetually well known

I'll miss Georgia being perfect

I'll miss the speculations as to why there are cop cars parked at the school, and of course the ambulance.
(take that Jake Deguara)

I'll miss being pulled over by a cop for wagging school and getting a weird glance when both our names are Blake

I'll miss Joe in a pikachu suit

And hectic games of uno

I'll miss boys throwing things

I'll miss caring about things that don't really matter

And I'll miss anticipating the future.

I'll miss all of you.