Clyde Park Hockey

From 1979 through 2001, the Cicero Stadium was the home for weekend warriors--young and old--to play a game we all loved--floor hockey. Players of all skill levels eagerly awaited Sunday (and some Saturday) afternoons to face off against friend and foe alike.

The games weren't played on ice, but we played the game to the best of our abilities and left it "out on the floor" each and every week.

With teams like the Bombers, Canadiens, Explosion and Jesters and legendary players like "Old Man", "Lars", "Fudd", "Bone" and "Stiff" still haunting the cavernous nooks and crannies of the renowned Clyde Park Stadium (1909 South Laramie Avenue, Cicero, IL). a lifetime of friendships and memories were forged.

Please use this group to share those memories--in word, video or photograph. As Ron Coletta would admonish "Let's keep it clean" and make this a group that honors the great memory that is Clyde Park Hockey!

Clyde Park Floor Hockey League Champions

1979-80 Team Cicero
1980-81 Empire
1981-82 Empire
1982-83 Canadiens
1983-84 Canadiens (A) Team USA (B)
1984-85 Canadiens (A) Bombers (B)
1985-86 Canadiens (A) Royals (B)
1986-87 Nordiques
1987-88 Michael Anthony’s
1988-89 Flames
1989-90 Canadiens
1990-91 Canadiens
1991-92 Explosion
1992-93 Explosion
1993-94 Explosion
1994-95 Explosion
1995-96 Explosion
1996-97 Explosion
1997-98 Explosion
1998 (Fall) Explosion
1999 (Winter) Hammers