This group is about the people, places, friends, developments, challenges, politics, health related issues,churches,custom,music,sports pictures,families, and all about Lungei Tagaro Ward council at LONGANA EAST AMBAE. The admin wishes to remind us too that jokes from both sides of the family line normally referred to us Tagaro & merabuto is allowed as a normal culture and tradition inheritted way back at times of our ancestors but the language use should not be an offence by way of hurting or creating ill feelings to others. Each should be treated respectully. No profone language or any such kind that would bring disrepect act by way of swearing, or materials that would bring negative impact to the post is allowed. We will apologized for removing anyone or delete any comments from this group as if we see's fit to do so. However, we encourage each and all to post valuable materials which can help promotes and improve our ward council.Welcome..!!