Interracial Love: BLACK Women and WHITE Men SINGLES ONLY

Please READ the NAME OF THE GROUP and the RULES ***BEFORE*** you decide to join.

This group is for SINGLES ONLY looking for their significant others.

******ONLY for 18+*******


1) No "ADD ME" posts. You will be warned once and then removed afterwards.

2) This is a group, NOT your PERSONAL wall. So do not flood it with pictures.

3) If you are not using YOUR profile picture, you NOT be accepted into the group. There will be NO CATFISHING in here. You will be found out and banned.

4) Again, 18+ only.

5) No racism and no undercover racists will be in here. There is a reason for this group and acting one way in here and another on your page will NOT be tolerated.

6). This is an adult site with adult content, if such people cannot handle a little controversial post or are overly sensitive feel free to remove yourself.

7). People who disregard and disrespect individuals or the group itself will be removed and blocked immediately NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

8) We're not strict on nudity as people have questions or memes for conversation, but DO NOT upload anything of YOURSELF. Common sense should be used of what is meant of this.

9) If you feel the need to call out someone, you may do so but please do not do so out of spite. It's fine to be warned. (ie: Screenshots etc)

10) Have fun and again, keep the sensitivity to a ZERO!!