Just happened in our area!!!!!
The case of Khensani Ngomane (TCO) Kaapmeiden went well, she was not found guilty. Once again Sarwhu didn't disappoint the member because she was represented well by a seasonal Rep. When I finish with her case, I found Mr. Cedric Molokomme (also TCO at Kaapmeiden) in turmoil because my former 2nd Deputy President failed to show up for his case and he tried to call the local Shopsteward whom was aware of his case because I set in their Local meeting but he continued to drop his call. I was then left with no other options "nor" alternative but to represent him and give him the stop order, since his union decided to disappoint him at the eleventh hour, while being charged with GROSS NEGLIGENCE (DISMISSIBLE OFFENCE) but I'm proud to also inform that Mr. Molokomme is still having employment because of Sarwhu. I appeal to those who were deceived in the process to reconsider their untimely move and think in the broader picture about their future, since now is evident that the Messiah who promised them the earth and the honey can't fulfill his promises. Is the time to swallow the pride like the Prodigal Son did...Luke 15:11-32. Somebody, someone wont be lucky like Mr. Molokomme did. My former 2nd Deputy President willingfully deceived ppl that they'll be crossing with Sarwhu benefit (Funeral) to other union..but the within a month failed to assist the family with funeral claim of his member. Therefore Comrades I repeat that "Hurt me with truth but don't comfort me with lies". Comradely
T.D Khumalo