*FREE* Matagorda County Items *FREE*

Free items to Matagorda County Residents, No selling, No favoritism, first come first serve. I.e no holding items for people set a pick up/drop off date and time if item isnt picked up move to the next post. No spamming post, post an item once a week. If you have multiple items include all items into one post. Please to make things easier include pictures of the items to be given away. If you are mass adding people to the group or spamming post etc. You will be banned, No Illegal items or substances allowed posts. You must follow all state and federal laws regarding your items/posts.


becareful giving out your address to strangers, for your safety I recommend meeting in public places or bring people with you never invite someone to your home or meet someone if you are alone. All post are the responsibility of the postee not the group administration. Furthermore we are not responsible for anything that happens from or because of something posted on this group. Use this group at your own discretion. This group is for people ages 18+ ( Minors are NOT allowed to post or agree to pick up any items from another member) by joining this group your are agreeing that you are atleast 18 years of age and responsible for your own actions.