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Focused Eventuals Tie up Unit -:Vatika Farms:-
A Nature Chopal
(Near and Behind Cosmos hospital, Moradabad.) Feautures-: *A landscape field about 8 bighas with about 600sq yard covered area and 3 party lawns about 1.5, 2 and 4 bighas. * A forest area covered with various types of fruits, vegetables and wood plants in about 13 bighas of land. *At River bank - water & sky looking fields in about 10 bighas of land. * Water pool with toys boats and other toys for childrens. Booking is open for- -: outdoor fields celebrations -:Countryside excursion &Education tour. -: Field and River side picnic. -: kitty's party, wedding, birthday party, bash parties, pool parties and other parties. And special packages are also available for all type of parties and celebration. Note-: Membership is open for per year. Feel free to contact us:
Event Manager - SanyamTyagi
Contact No. - +918006905001