Anthem - MENS - Swip Swap 'n Fight Club


This social circle and swip swap is for men looking to buy, sell, trade and search for man stuff. Or.. just to bullshit without any judgmental eyes. Beards are welcome and encouraged.

THIS IS FOR THE ANTHEM AREA - Before attempting to join you must live in the boundaries. You must have an active account, messaging, no anonymous names or newly created FB accounts. If you share a facebook account with your wife, it is time to man up and create your own facebook page.

Please follow these few, simple rules to keep things fair:

1) Sell only stuff that men would be interested in. No purses, no gucci products, no high heels.To clarify for you ladies, we like war, beer, cars, motorcycles, trucks, tools, guns, knives, and other assorted man stuff. Please put the price in the listing so we don't have to guess or play the PM game too much.

2) No trash talking or bashing eachother. Play nice. We are all tough, we get it. No need to flex your muscles here, there are no ladies to impress.

3) You can buy, sell, ISO or trade items on this page.

4) You can bullshit and chit chat on this page.

5) You can set up drinking events, poker games, shooting trips.

6) You can bump your items as you please, but please don't get annoying with it.

7) To keep it easy to scroll through, only 1 photo per post. Add extra photos into the comments area.

8) If your post is 60 days or older it will be deleted. This is easier than shutting down for maintenance. Please delete your sold items.

9) Be a man and be proud. Sell some cool shit.

"I'm interested", "Let me check with my wife" & such do not secure a sale. Offering lower (w/o the seller saying yes) does not secure the sale. "I'll take it", "Take" or some indicator like that is what will make you the winner of that sale. If you have questions & are planning to take it pending the answer you should begin with "I'll take this pending question". If you don't say you're taking it, you are not the winner. If you accept a lower offer & then someone says they will take for full sales price, sorry. You have agreed to accept the lower offer & anyone else that says take after that should get it at the lower price you accepted.

When your sale is accepted, please respond on the thread to make arrangements for the purchase. If you don't respond in a reasonable time, the seller may move on to the next person. Give a person time to respond. If you can't respond, please don't bid, knowing the seller is looking to move items. You should pick up items within a reasonable amount of time.

Please don't post business ads at any time.

Anthem MENS Swip Swap, nor its administrators, is not responsible for the actual transactions. People will be booted from this group for cheating their neighbors.