Huron Park/Credition/Centralia(ONTARIO) Buy N Sell

*Welcome to the group please post all you items in ASSIGNED ALBUMS

*Please don't post items on the WALL,please put them in assigned albums,no matter if it is one item..


*When posting from a CELL PHONE, please say it was "posted from a cell phone".

Please do not comment on sellers post if you are not interested in buying that product. Do not comment on items that you don't agree with as this will not be allowed and you will be removed from the group.

Rules for this group are simple


2 ~ No rudeness is tolerated

3~ If you are SELLING and item, please remember that and check your item daily until sold and DO NOT rely on getting notifications, we are all aware as to how often we don't get them.

4~For BUSINESS posting, please only post once a week for your business. If you post everyday, the wall gets full of business.

5~You must be willing to meet in the area of the group to post on the site. Or willing to meet close to the seller or pay extra for gas fee to get delivery out of the area.

6~For BUSINESS POSTING, you don't need to make your own album up, Admins just asked if you post them in the business album and you can post 1 picture per day on the wall,so it won't fill the wall up with business pictures.

MESSAGE FROM ADMIN: No posting " * " in some posts or even a "." or the word "BUMP" in order to bump their posts back to the top..

Happy Shopping!!


IMPORTANT!!! This is a buyer beware forum. Buy and sell at your own risk. ONLY comment or request items that you are serious about buying. If you have an issue with a buyer/seller please do your best to work it out promptly and politely. If necessary, admins should be made aware of the issue. If we notice that the same person(s) is causing the same type of issues they will be removed from this group.

If you have questions or concerns please contact an admin.