Galveston, Harris, Brazoria County Auctions

A facebook auction place. Please follow the rules outlined below.
1. You must post item pictures, minimum bid, and increments for bids.
2. There will be no illegal activity, trash talking, or spamming.
3. If you are reported for selling bogus items, you will be deleted.
4. Buy/sell at your own risk! This group is not responsible for bad purchases.
5. Be sure to ask questions before bidding.
6. If you are reported twice for not buying auctions that you won, then you will be deleted.
7. You may keep anonymity in bids by having bids pm'd to you, but please post the bids in comments under your item so people know where they stand.
8. Do not run up bids, if you are caught then you will be deleted.
9. You cannot auction off items that are illegal, no drugs, stolen items, or "inappropriate services" such as prostitution or human trafficking.
10. Have fun and auction on!