❤❤Separation && Divorce SUPPORT! ❤❤

I made this group to offer support for the ones going through a ...separation or divorce. Also this group is not just for the ones that need marital advice but yet anyone going through a hard relationship as well. Not only is separation and divorce hard; but marriage can be hard as well. So if you have gone through or are going through a divorce; or just need marital advice then this is the group for you. We ask that if you join that you're at least 18+ years old. Let's please keep cursing to a minimum and no GD words. Respect each other. Agree to disagree. No fighting. No bashing others. This is NOT a dating group. Please do not join to hook up with others. Absolutely NO SELFIES are allowed to be posted in the group. You will be removed if you post selfies! Come join us! We are an amazing support group!

Please DO NOT block admins; if you do then you will be removed!

Melody Bates Miranda Rueda- Head Admin
Dustin Howells- Admin
Debbie Goulet- Moderator
Chantelle Prinsloo Naude- Moderator