Arizona Adoptive & Foster Moms


**In order to have your request to join approved, please PM an admin to validate your status as an adoptive or foster mother and let us know how you are involved in foster/adoptive care. You must be currently fostering children and/or have adopted children in your home, and reside in the state of Arizona.** If we do not receive a message within a few days, your request to join will be deleted.**

This is a mother’s group, thank you for understanding that men will not be approved to join.

It is our hope we can use this group as a friendly, loving & respectful platform to stay connected and support one another.

PLEASE use discretion with what you post & share. We will do everything in our power to keep this group secure & ethical but members need to be wise with what they post. If you have any questions or concerns, please message an admin directly. If you have issues with another member or post, contact that member directly via PM instead of airing your issue on the group wall.

This is a support group. Please do not use this group to advertise, fund-raise or sell, even if it is foster/adoptive related. If you choose to, you will be removed from the group along with your post. You may, however, post FREE items in this group that other foster/adoptive families may be able to use.

Advertising, selling and fundraising can be done in the following group, as long as you are a current foster/adoptive mom: