ARCH 392-Spring 2014-2015

A studio course designed to provide the student with skills of designing buildings with high complexity in functional, structural and constructional terms while responding to an urban condition with peculiar sociocultural, economic and historic parameters. It is expected that students will acquire the ability to integrate different architectural systems throughout the design process. The students will develop their understanding of architectural expression and architectonic qualities. They will be producing alternative design solutions while developing their personal identities as independent designers. To do so each participant of the studio is expected to generate his/her own perception and understanding of the given urban context through analysis and synthesis of relevant data. The participants of the studio are expected to engage in discussions concerning architects role in production of space and to develop a point of view. Students will be evaluated by their capacity to generate a relevant proposal responding to a given urban context while integrating architectural systems such as structural systems, environmental control systems, materials, climatic factors, sustainability, universal design, building codes and regulations. Requirements include a detailed research on the chosen topic.