Enough is enough. Congressmen and woman are elected to serve us. Who is serving who now?

Glenn Beck has recently made the following proposals:

-“The average guy in the U.S. Army serves for four years and they get out as a specialist. As a specialist they make $22,676. They pick up a gun and go in the line of fire because your country asks you too for $22,676. They aren’t doing it for money. ”

-“The average American makes $50,462.”

-“Now here is where it gets good. The average salary of a federal employee, you know the ones who can never get the paperwork right make 74,403.”

-“The average person serving in Congress. Remember they use that word, they don’t call it a job. They serve. [The Average American] is their master, [The US Army] is the guardian that protects them as [the average persons in congress] are supposedly protecting the Constitution. How much does [the average persons in congress] get paid for their service. This is the basic salary. $174,000.”

-“Which one is the master and which one is the servant? Which one has the most grateful for and yet doesn’t seem to be. It goes back to the idea of cleaning out the stuff in our life. Maybe it is they have too much. ”

-“John Boehner said when he becomes House Speaker he’s going to fly back and forth from his home to Washington on commercial airline. Nancy Pelosi had to use a military aircraft and I don’t care, for security we do what we have to do. Here’s the thing with Boehner — If he’s flying commercial he’ll fight hard against the naked scanners at the airport that nobody wants. Maybe we should have the naked scanners in the rooms of Congress. I commend him for spending less and anyone who yells at him or calls him a dope while he’s at the airport, well I guess he’ll have to chalk it up as a slight wound in the ‘service’ of his country. And he will certainly not receive more wounds than these guys,”

-“Congressmen SHALL NOT be paid more than those who are currently serving in the front line of duty. They shall never make more than $22,676. There is no reason Congress should enrich themselves and make more money then someone who is on the front line fight. Someone who is in a tank right now, someone who is risking their life to save a child in another country. Are you kidding me? There is no justification for congressional salaries. None. Demand congress lower their salaries and their benefits to the same level that is offered to our soldiers, period. ”

-“I’m going to take it a step further. Federal employees SHALL NOT be allowed to be ever to make more than [the average American salary] of $50,462. Ever”

-“Congress and employees of the federal government should only get raises when the citizens get raises. Members of congress should never make more than the soldiers who die in the battlefield. ”

-“Congress I know you got a lot of special perks. Your medical care should be exactly the same as the VA hospital gives out. You are in ‘service’ of your country, if you don’t like it then maybe you should offer better benefits at the VA hospitals.”

If you support these common sense budget cuts, join this group and let them now where you stand. We can not let up. We need to go on offense and let congress know that enough is enough!