The People's Health Insurance Collective

You might be surprised how much you could really save with Obamacare! Open enrollment ends March 31, 2014, don't be left uninsured! Even if you hate Obamacare, I assure you, I do have a plan that will suite your needs, and you don't have to provide all of your personal information, if you don't want to! I offer 100% free of charge walk-throughs by phone, over e-mail or in person, whatever you are comfortable with. For more info.. check out my website or check out my facebook page Joseph L. Covell (PA Licensed Independent Health and Life..., ‪#‎healthcarerefore‬, ‪#‎affordablecareact‬, ‪#‎obamacare‬, ‪#‎ppaca‬, ‪#‎custombenefitplancs‬,, #affordablecareact, ‪#‎antiobamacare‬,