Jillian's Younique Makeup Online Party

Hey girls! I am excited to inform you of this Younique COMPLETELY ONLINE shopping partayyy! The lovely Jillian Harvey is hosting this party and adding all you beauties to this group for you to see (and possibly purchase) some awesome makeup. In the meantime, you'll be helping Jillian receive some perks as well. And you're ALL helping me spread the Younique word!

***This party will only last for 5 days, so if you're interested in ordering, just give ER! ***

Treat yourselves (or someone else) to some of our amazing products that we have to offer! The 3D mascara is our BEST seller! And I have to say, it's "da bomb diggity"!

Feel free to add people to this group and/or just share the shopping link with your friends! Let's get everybody on this Younique wagon!

***If you're not sure what to do, I'm always here to help! Don't hesistate to ask any questions and if you want just message me and I'll gladly order for you if you don't want the hassle!

Please see the link to order or just have a lksy around here:


Thanks ladies! Have fun shopping