Elite Modding Services (Xbox 360 & PS3)

Rules, Admins, Legit/Trusted Members

- John Kyriacos (A...dmin)
- Oggle Oggle Modz (Admin)
- Mick Griffo (Admin)
- Jeff Dugay (Admin)
- Kyle Austin (Admin)
Note: All the admins are volunteers using their own time to help everyone on this group. If you do not respect the admins, the situation will be dealt with accordingly.


(1) The Elite Modding Services (Xbox 360) are by no means responsible or accountable for any bad sales in this group. If you make a deal with someone and if it goes bad, tag an admin and the situation will be investigated. Buy and sell at your own risk.

(2) There is no fighting, argument, racism, of any sort in this group. This is not tolerated. If you feel like you are being targeted, please get a hold of an admin and we will deal with the situation immediately.

(3) No talking about booting anyone on this page. Posting IPs of any sort is not tolerated in here. Do not ask for someone to be booted; do not post anyone's geological information on this page. Permanent ban!

(4) No advertising any other groups. Do not post links to illegal downloads, viruses, malicious links, or scam ads. YouTube links are accepted.

(5) Do not post links to illegal downloads or pirated games. We do not tolerate the sales of pirated games in this group.

(6) No selling or trades of cracked accounts.

(7) No giveaways are accepted unless you talk to admin first. You will need to provide proof that you have what you want to give away.

(8) Do not ask for free mods, this will not be tolerated. Everyone is here to make money, and to have fun. If you ask for free mods, you will be banned from this page.

(9) If you are a modder and wish to sell your services. Please provide the following:
- Your console with mod menu's
- Name and timestamp
- In game video proof
- Or any other form of proof

(10) When you post an item for sale or trade, to prove it's yours, please provide an image with your name on or in front of the item and all sale ads will also need a price in the post. Your post will be reviewed by admins and will be deleted without warning if failing to do so or it's unrelated or inappropriate.

(11) Modders can offer free mods in private chat with the person receiving the mods. Do not abuse this; people are here to make money to keep their modding alive. If you fail to follow this, you will be banned.

Legit list.

Scammers and Spammers.