Waterloo Region's All Free Online Community (WRAFOC)

WRAFOC is the latest in FREE groups! This one stands out from the rest as the standards and rules are VERY simple! Everyday is a pay it forward essentially...with items, services, and advice.

No selling/trading or bartering as FREE is fantastically better!

No initial offers necessary! Yet, be kind and offer when you can. Please offer GUC or better quality items, services, or advice. NO stains or rips for clothing and if giving away clothing have it laundered before claimants pickup :)

Posting item(s) with photos helps greatly. Remove posts upon completion.

Descriptions on each photo should include what item is, condition, smoke/pet free?, where to pickup, any other requests such as fast pickup, first come first served etc. If FCFS members to use comment section to state when they could pickup.

To claim interest in a post/photo simply click LIKE, then the poster of the item(s) will select a name from LIKES then they will announce the name/winner in comments of the photo. Comment section can be used for questions also.

No PET zone unless asking advice yet there are groups specially for pets...seek those pups out!

Business adverts are welcomed as long as it is not breaking rules of selling/trading or bartering. Page contests are welcome. SPAM posts will be deleted and member removed though...such as sunglasses or store gift cards etc. Use business directory for your business info and keep wall for contests and giveaways or request for business page LIKES. Nothing for sale please. Limit one business post per month and bump this only twice per month. More will result in deletion of post.

Cross posting is when items are also listed elsewhere. Not a problem just state this in your description.

No one likes to be stood up unless its for a valid reason so avoid this. No use for repeat offenders in this group. Communication is KEY!

If you break the law in any size, shape, or form you will be removed from this awesome online community.

THINK before you speak!

Please keep personal affairs for celebs and the tabloids and out of the group. This is a group in which we support each other and will also help with advice. Be mindful before you let your fingers do the talking. NO cyber bullying will be tolerated and will be reported to facebook.

No complain ZONE! No sappy or disheartening stories. Please seek professional advice pertaining to mental health concerns and physical issues.

All this and HAVE FUN!