I created this group so that ALL mommas can come together and talk about what's going on in Their lives, vent, ask questions, give NICE advice, and schedule play dates! I created this group because I don't have mom friends, I thought the group would be a good idea so other moms can make mom friends and it also gives us a page where we can be ourselves without being judged! Any bashing from anyone and you will be removed. Remember everyone parents differently and every child is different. Everyone should treat each other how they would like to be treated themselves. Don't forget the main reason this page is created! Us moms need to stick together. I don't really care if you post something on the page your wanting to get rid of. Just remember this is NOT a yard sale page!!! Im hoping this group turns into something big and great for each and every one of us. Welcome to MomBook!

Also: This page is for MOMS only!! Not for men, not for anyone other than MOMS! You will be removed if found out that you are not a mom! Moms meaning: soon to be moms, mothers, step mothers, grandmothers ETC.

Please no selling WIC items. You may give WIC items away for FREE but no selling. If this is noticed the post will be deleted. And those of us who have WIC know which items are WIC items and which are not!