St. Clair County Items to sell, purchase, trade, give away, etc

ALL Members Please Read: (Alabama Only)

Images MUST be put in an album with your name on it. Even if it is only one image, put it in an album!

Please always list a description of the item with a photo and the asking price.

Remove the item when its sold, or if you can not remove it, at least comment “SOLD” on it so that an admin can remove it. You can remove a single picture from your album too.

You are allowed to bump the item/album up ONCE in a 24 hour period.

Business posts ARE allowed but only ONE post and ONE bump in 24 hours.

Remember this is a site for people of all ages to buy and sell. Keep it clean!

We will remove anyone with rude behavior, foul language, etc.

The admins of this site have the right to remove any post or poster that does not follow these rules.

Keep in mind that a sale is between a seller and a buyer, not the admins of the group. I am in no way responsible for a sale gone wrong or a non-working item that you have purchased. Remember to always try something to be sure it works before buying it.

Anyone who doesnt follow these rules will be warned no more then three times and then removed.

Thank you and have fun selling/buying!

Kay Courtney/Admin/Creator