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Shems Ohanisa
Shems in May 2009
Shems in May 2009
Casper names [1]
Shems [2]
Shems Ohanisa
Celtic Warrior
Irish curse
King Shems
Birth Klonsla, Dublin, Ireland
Residence Tampa, Florida, United States
Irish whip wrestling coach
First appearance April 2009
Official Website The Celtic Warrior

Stephen Farley (in English: Stephen Farrelly) (born January 28, 1978): is wrestler Irish professional and representative of the Bodybuilder previous well known name in the wrestling ring The Celtic Warrior (English: The Celtic Warrior) Ochiems (English: Sheamus) He is currently working in World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWE) in casual smackdown and raw.

Won the belt the World Wrestling Federation Championship twice and recreational Championship belt world heavyweight once and Florida Championship belt heavyweight.

1 career
1.1 AC W. (2009)
1.2 Rao (2009-2010)
2 personal life
3 its Alscimena