Learn American English

Hello for every one, in this pinned post I would like to say welcome for every one as well as I will explain to you your rights and the rules of this group. The first point which I like to throw light on is that this group is neither religious nor political; therefore, no religious or political post is allowed. The second point which I think it should be clarified is that this group is designed for improving your English through discussing topics in English , being a bridge between cultures, and being a place in which English native speakers can talk to non native English speakers; that is why, there is no need for posting in other languages except English. In addition to these rules, no harmful or sexual post will be allowed. The third point which must be illustrated is that no member has the right to judge whether an admin is an active or not because there are other functions of the admins which no one can know except an other admin like removing bad posts, approving requests, telling the main admin what is going on in the group, and so on. The fourth point which I want to mention is that this group is just a voluntary work, so stop threatening me of leaving the group and reporting it.The last but not the least point is that any person who does not respect the rules will be removed.