iCook - Culinary interests of Anupam Sen Gupta

I am a musician who has keen interest in cooking.

This has happened due to few primary reasons. My paternal family is extremely choosy about their food and has keen interest to explore food in its authentic forms. My father, Late Capt. A. K. Sen Gupta, a mariner was very keen that we not only relish food but share too. By his guidance, the food cooked in our household was not different from that of our support system. We would all eat the same food.

Last but not the least, when I lost my father and along with his demise lost all that we had by a sudden blow of fate, I was roofless and went around from one friend's house to the other for shelter and food. I got none.

I landed up in Yamunotri and its surrounding areas and found shelter extended by some Naga monks of Juna Akhara order. And as much as this would sound melodramatic, I never slept empty stomach in the mountains where I knew none !

Twist of fate has given me almost every thing back but my father. And also a much higher degree of respect for food.

The end result is that I love to cook and more than that love to share what I cook. This is a humble effort to share my passion with all.

Besides, if I am free, I am ready to cook for you................provided no food is wasted !!!

Enjoy !!!