Ibaraki Prayer wariors

People who will join in praying for Ibaraki-ken (prefecture in Japan)... We can share prayer requests for the area and spiritual mapping of what needs to be prayed for and broken through where.
Captital City: Mito
Location: east coast, north of Tokyo with Chiba in between.

Stats from 2005 or so Operation Japan prayer handbook:
Prefecture: Ibaraki
Population: 2,991,804
Capital: Mito
Cities: 22
Towns over 20,000 without Churches: Ami- 46,873
Chiyoda, Ina, Makabe, Ishiege and Yachiyo
Cities with only 1 church: Iwai- 43,174
Hitachiota- 40,562
Kasama- 30,189
Towns and Villages: 61
Towns/Villages without churches: 33
% of people in attendance: 0.16%
% of places with no church: 39.76%
% of towns/villages no church: 54.1%

Unchurched Rural Areas (URAs) of 3K to 50K population in Ibaraki Prefecture: Uchihara-Machi, Jouhoku-Machi, Katsura-Mura, Gozenyama-Mura, Yamagata-Machi, Miwa-Mura, Kanasagou-Machi, Suifu-Mura, Satomi-Mura, Juuou-Machi, Asahi-Mura, Taiyou-Mura, Asou-Machi, Tamatsukuri-Machi, Miho-Mura, Ami-Machi, Kawachi-M...achi, Azuma-Machi, Kasumigaura-Machi, Tamari-Mura, Chiyoda-Machi, Niihari-Mura, Ina-Machi, Yawara-Mura, Makabe-Machi, Yamato-Mura, Kyouwa-Machi, Yachiyo-Machi, Chiyokawa-Mura, Ishige-Machi, Goka-Machi, Sashima-Machi, Sakuragawa-Mura.

Places Christian JETs have lived: Eddie was placed in Tomobe-machi for 3 years. There’s a small church of Christ there, but definitely a need for a strong and healthy Christian witness. He planted many seeds when he was there and one of his students came to Christ.
Missionaries in prefecture: 45
Missionary(ies) to contact: Deborah Ruth Trotter

Sister Cities: Tsukuba-shi and Summerland, BC, Canada
Ushiku-shi and White Horse, Yukon, Canada
Tsukuba and Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Tsukuba and Irvine, California, U.S.A.
Tsukuba and Milpitas, California, U.S.A.
Ushiku-shi and Orange, NSW, Australia
Hitachi and Tauranga, Wellington, NZ
Azuma and Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Hitachi and Birmingham, Wa., U.S.A.
Shion Jr. College in Hitachi sends students to Malaspina University College in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada for ESL.
Kitaibaragi-shi and Wairoa District, NZ
Kamisu-shi and Eureka, California, USA
Toride-shi and Yuba, California, USA
Other comments: There is a relatively new church plant (associated with Mito Seisho Baptist) in Omiya-machi that would probably benefit from the presence of a Christian JET in the town who’d make friends with people and invite them. A friend of mine from college was from Omiya and her family still lives there (I’m not sure if one of her sisters is there right now, but her parents are). It’s a town of over 20,000 and the church was planted in the last couple years.
For those of you who’ve attended Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo (now Vancouver Island University or VIU), one of the groups that goes over to Nanaimo each year for ESL is from Shion Jr. College in Hitachi. There are girls from many different towns in Ibaraki who go to that school, so you could make a point of trying to meet the Shion students who are at VIU now (if you are also) and find out from them about their towns and if that’s where you’d like to request… or you could just put Hitachi in because of the fact that VIU gets students from there and it would be good to be in a city that sends students to Nanaimo. There’s a Baptist church in Hitachi you could attend if you went there and the church on Shion’s campus is Church of Christ, so you could make your choice. Shion is connected with Ibaraki Christian University which also has connections with a Church of Christ University in Oklahoma.
Mito has a selection of churches. Mito Church of Christ is bilingual. Different people have different feelings on their style, but they’re there and you’d have to meet the individuals to find out what you think for yourself (there’s a shifting population of foreigners at the church from year to year… When I left Japan in 2003, the couple in charge of the English Sun. school and Bible class was pretty good, though there are different people there now).
There is also a house-church in Mito that grew out of some Alpha groups. Plus, Mito Seisho Baptist has been there for quite a few years and has had some fruit (they’ve had some church-plants off of them). I know the missionaries who started Mito Seisho Baptist and it was a blessing to see the church now bearing fruit with Japanese leadership. Please pray for continued maturing, growth and fruit in the congregations in Mito.
Mito is a key city in Japan because part of the Tokugawa family originated from there. These were related to the same Tokugawas who started the Tokugawa government with much control and persecution of Christians (i.e. martyrdom). The Tokugawa Family museum is in Mito).
Ibaraki-machi is a small town that’s still a little old fashioned in their thinking and to a degree operates on the goningumi (5 family system) mindset- originated by the Tokugawas for control purposes.
Tsukuba is famous for its university (esp. in the area of sciences and medicine) and has a bit of an international community. There are various congregations in Tsukuba and Tsuchiura, which are practically attached to each other and the main train line goes through Tsuchiura. If you’re a married man and your wife doesn’t plan on working outside the home when you’re there, she may be interested in attending the Women’s Aglow group in Tsuchiura.
Midorino Chapel in Ushiku, Tsukuba Grace Chapel in Tsukuba and Mito Seisho Baptist Church all have choirs in the Hallelujah Gospel Family network and are active in reaching out through those.
Takahagi has a Christian JET named Kristin who would love to see much fruit in the area she’s in.