I am learning from SCRA2CH

I am learning from SCRA2CH. Are you?
Are you an artist who swears by her nail passion? Or a nail ninja bent on finding her own way with lacquers? Then this is the right place for you. No matter where you are, if you’re off on a nail adventure, share your experiences here, you’ll have a good number of nail buddies who will listen to and learn from you.


1. One post a day.
2. 3 line quick steps and products used on every post.
3. Post your nail art queries, we'll make sure they are addressed.
4. Want to be a Nail mentor on this platform? Tell us now.
5. All nail classes can be found using #scra2chclass
6. Launch/ Promote products with description and contact information.
7. Announce Nail gig/ Events/ Launch, but make sure to mention venue, date and contact info.
Let's learn nail art together!