Madden 2025 3rd Annual Tourney

The date for now is unknown. It will be on a weekend when my brother can come back to play in it. Everyone will be notified when that is happening. Starting after you read this !!!!!you can pick a team and post it on this page ONLY IF you have a partner!!!!!
The rules for the tourney will be simple
1: you must have a partner and a team selected.
2: it's a two game elimination
3:no physically messing with another player to mess up a play. Or accidentally calling a time out on opponents controller
4: if any of the above are to happen you and your partner will get an automatic lose and the game will end.
5 there will be no changing of playbooks.

There is a 5 dollar admission which goes towards pizza from little Caesars and a the rest will be going into the money pot for the winners. The prize for winning the tourney is money.