Cobb & Cherokee Secular Inclusive Homeschoolers

We are a geographically specific homeschooling activity group in and around the cities of Marietta, Kennesaw, and Woodstock, Georgia.

We get together for informal, affordable activities and we plan learning activities to coincide with our adventures. We provide a fun and supportive social structure for homeschooling families to share regular events and activities with each other.

Our monthly events include an open play session at an indoor gymnastics center, service projects, park days, gaming events, and teen hangouts. Additional play dates, museum outings, seasonal parties, and monthly field trips find their way on to our calendar as well.

Our group takes its shape based on who is involved. We make our plans mostly on group interest and who's likely to participate. We are a closed group to support the privacy of our members and their children, but we are a welcoming group that readily accepts new local members. If you are a homeschooling family near our neck of the woods in Georgia, please join us!